PERFORMANCE - Rocker Arms Unlimited

CUSTOM ROCKER ARMS - Over the past 40 years we have worked on many rare motors from extreme 1.92 intake ratios on our HEMI 392 Billet Aluminum rocker arms to a 1939 Willy's head that only 5 sets were made. We have made several billet aluminum rocker arms. Check out the Speed Liner by Spectre, the fastest Cadillac in the world, it went 415 MPH. If you look inside you will see our Cadillac 500 Billet Aluminum rocker arms!

HIGH RATIO - Looking for a higher ratio on your rocker arms to help give you a little more power, give us a call many rocker arms can be converted to increase the ratio.

HEMI 426 and HEMI 392 - Tired of broken adjustable push rods on you HEMI, you can get a rebuilt assembly and we can convert them to adjustable at the same time.
CLICK to see high performance hemi engines using Rocker Arms Unlimited assemblies. The top fuel engine shown was used in the movie The Fast and Furious.

HARD FACING - Hard facing worn down on your rockers (including motorcycles), no problem, we can build them back up, hard face them, and re-radius them for you.

PUSH RODS - We have push rods in stock for some of the hard to find items. For racing applications or custom push rods we use Smith Brother's. Order the push rods from us when you get your assembly rebuilt and get a discount!