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CLD Model Cyliinder Description Item Core Required Photo
2.0 Various 4 2.0L Hyd. Rocker Assy. DC200 Yes No
2.4 Various 4 2350cc 4G64 Rocker Assy. DC240 Yes No
2.6 Various 4 2350cc 2.6L G62B Mech. w/Jet Valve Rocker Assy. DC260 Yes No
2.6 1978-84 4 2555cc 2.6L G54B Hyd. Lash w/Jet Valve Rocker Assy. DC260H Yes No
3.0 1987-2000 4 3.0L G672 Mech or Roller Rocker Assy. DC300 Yes No

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