LIFTERS - Rocker Arms Unlimited

AMERICAN MADE LIFTERS - Don't buy cheap offshore aftermarket lifters, check with us first. The same durable long lasting lifters OEM or better can be purchased here at Rocker Arms Unlimited. Keep your valve train strong with our rocker assemblies and lifters.

PRECISION RADIUS - We re-radius our lifters at 100 inches and some at 80 inches protecting your camshaft from uneven wearing lobes.

SANDBLASTING - Lifters are thoroughly cleaned and prepped for ready to install convenience.

SOLID LIFTERS - Most of the lifters we condition and stock are solid. We have some very rare and difficult to find lifters in our warehouse, please email your requests for your hard to find lifter!

HYDRAULIC LIFTERS - Though we don't have as many hydraulic lifters as solid, ask us anyway, we may have just what you are looking for.